I cannot purchased the app from the Windows Store or it crashes when working offline

Some users are experiencing issues when trying to purchase the app after the trial period is ended, or are unable to run the app when offline.This issue has been caused because Microsoft has updated the Windows Store as part of the Windows 10 release (even if you are running Windows 8.1) and some synchronization problems have occurred.Some users have found they can resolve this issue by signing out of the Windows Store and signing back in again:

First Step

Disable fast startup on Windows 10 then reboot your device and reset your Windows Store

  1. Disable fast startup (see instructions here)
  2. Reboot your device
  3. Try to buy the app. If it works you are done.
  4. If you still get an error, reset your Windows Store by doing the following:
    • Press the Windows Key + R which opens the “Run” function.
    • Type in “WSReset” and press enter (after about 10 seconds the store will launch)
  5. Sign out and back in in the store by following (instructions below depending on your version of Windows)

Windows 10.0

  • Open the Windows Store
  • Select the user icon (top right)
  • Select the very top option (where the user profile picture is listed)
  • Select the account
  • Select Sign Out
  • Select the user icon (top right)
  • Select Sign in

Windows 8.1

  • Open the Windows Store
  • Open the Settings Charm (Swipe from the right)
  • Select “My Account”
  • Select “Change User”
  • Restart your device
  • Repeat the above and sign back in to the Store

If this does not resolve your issue, please email me at mail@scrble.com and I will give you further instruction to successfully install the app.