Can I share notes across devices?

Yes, you can if you are using the full version. You need to open the settings and select a folder that get synchronized online as your save location. My recommendation is to use DropBox. I have tried OneDrive and GoogleDrive as well, but they can generate error during saving, since they are looking the file when synching. Make sure the folder is set to sync offline and that it doesn’t optimize the image size by resampling the file, or you will not be able to edit your notes. Again, by recommendation is to use DropBox, which does not have any of these issues. Watch this 1 minute video to see how to do it.

Can I convert ink to text?

Yes. scrble can convert  ink to text. Select the ink you would like to recognize then select the Recognize button at the bottom of the screen. The recognizer can only work on a limited ink selection, so you may need to repeat the process few times to recognize a large area of ink. Once the recognizer panel comes up you can edit the text and correct possible recognition mistakes. You can then replace the ink selected with the recognized text or copy the text on the clipboard. Once on the clipboard, you can paste it into scrble of in any other app.

Where are my notes stored?

Your notes are stored in a private location, which in not visible by default. If you use the full version you can customize your stored location everywhere you like for easy access. All your notes are saved as separate for every page and are organized in folders based on you project name. Go to the gallery, select any note or folder, then select Action > Show in Explorer. This should open the location where the selected note is stored. You can view this 3 minutes movie to learn more.

How do I remove an imported pdf in scrble?

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple way at the moment, but it can be done by inserting an empty pdf file. To create an empty file, crete a blank text file, then change the file name to be empty.pdf.

Can I use the app for simple drawing?

If you swipe from the bottom or tap in the … button in the top of the app, you can reveal few additional options. Scrble has two main modes: Draw and Write. Write is the default mode, and it allows to easily write linear notes. This may be not ideal if you wish to freely draw in a random location of the page. By selecting draw the app will zoom in the location where you double tap, and it will not shot the writing overlay pane for auto-scrolling.

Can I run scrble when offline?

Yes. scrble stores the notes locally and it is fully functional when working offline. Although this is true for most users, some had experience crashes when working offline. Please look at the troubleshooting section or email me for assistance with this problem.

How do I transfer my notes from scrble lite into the full version?

At the moment there is way, so you will need to do it manually. Here the steps:

  1. Find the location on your device where scrbleLite has stored the files. Mine looks like this
    • C:\Users\Claudia\AppData\Local\Packages\10511ClaudiaWey.ScrbleLite_9n0kwq747cbjy\LocalState\Scribble
  2. Copy the content of this folder in your new scrble folder location. Mine looks like this
    • C:\Users\Claudia\AppData\Local\Packages\10511ClaudiaWey.ScribbleRT_9n0kwq747cbjy\LocalState\Scribble
    • Make sure you do not overwrite files with the same name when copies.
  3. Re-launch scrble and all the notes you copied should show up

I am considering adding a more seamless way. If you like to have this feature, please vote it up in the wish-list.

What features are planned for the future releases?

scrble in getting better every day. I would love your input on what feature you would like to see coming. Please vote your favorite feature in the wishlist section or email me with your dreams.

Check out the release notes, to review all the amazing improvements from the very start of scrble.

More questions?

If this did not answer your question, please email me at