scrble is primarily an application for note taking. It is optimized to ensure you can write clearly and effectively using either your finger or a stylus. When working in write mode a pane on the bottom of the window allows to hand-write your notes with precision. When reaching the margin of the screen the page will scroll, and it will even go to the next line when necessary.


scrble has a draw mode which is more suitable to draw freely in a random location of the page. When draw mode is the application will zoom in the location where you double tap, and it will not show the writing overlay panel.

Paper Styles

scrble has five different paper styles for all your creative needs.

Simple white paper works best for free hand drawing.

Ruled paper coupled with the writing mode helps you taking neat notes at the speed of light.

Math paper helps you drawing geometrical shapes in technical notes.

Unleash your musical inner self with the music paper.

Have fun with the backboard paper for an old fashioned classroom effect.


Have fun with your notes and use the many pens and highlighter colors available. You can easily select among 7 colors and highlighter or open the custom color picker to unleash your creativity.

Watch scrble in action!

Looking for more information?

Check out the FAQ or email me at mail@scrble.com